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Hi. ​I’​m like you. A survivor, a femme fatal​e, a cancer-kicking hero.

But I have a problem. The same one you have.

It’s an issue that has us yanking at our hair (if that’s still there).

An issue that’ll make us scream at the Heavens as much as we scream at our idiot politicians.


We have these pains because we refute the heartbreaking idea of being made to feel ugly.

We aren’t ugly. We’re brave, bold, maybe a little audacious. We’re lovely, alluring, and a choice between sweet or spicy (depending on the night).

We’re fighters.

We told cancer to take a hike and paid the price for the transfer.

We had all the doctor visits, went through the surgery, and agreed to have drains suck the gunk out while the people we pass by are none the wiser.

We continue to smile, support others, and achieve our best despite the wooziness, the vulnerability, the stiffness in our arms, and the horrible feelings.

We go through a lot, babes.

A Freaking Lot.

So is it too much to ask that companies provide us something decent to buy post-mastectomy?

I don’t need much.

I just want to wear something HOT.

Like I would before the invasive, boob-snatching, incisions, and follow-up treatment.

I want something that sings! A bra that pockets my new boobie(s) without juggling them around (hey fellas, check out my new magic trick).

A bra that provides ample support and confidence when I’m out with my girlfriends or on a date with a tall glass of water.

And while I’m at it, can’t we get that with a matching set?

Are you hearing what I’m saying?

Are you feeling it?

Because I’m feeling rather daring.

If no one else will assure me that I’m not a walking Frankenstein.

I’ll do so myself. For myself. And for you ladies, as well.

We deserve a set of lingerie that’s dauntless, vivid, and grips us as eagerly as a passionate lover (oh, baby~).

We deserve to feel like the goddesses we are with various fun, lacy, flirty (and maybe even frilly) undergarments to select.

If big corporations can’t handle the job, my company will.

I have to serve you as your feisty, unflinching fairy godmother in post-mastectomy magic.

So go ahead.

Check out my wares.

Find the nearest shop button, click it, and go for the item that speaks volumes to you.

\Buy it, ship it, wear it, twerk in it!

You deserve to purchase a bra that’s a good fit that also makes you feel good.

Because after you get one, I bet you’ll return for more, and I’ll always be happy to provide.

Because we aren’t just bringing sexy back, we’re bringing you Sexy AFter.